5 Ways to Make Your Entryways Burglar-Proof

5 Ways to Make Your Entryways Burglar-Proof
Decorating or renovating a new home might be a great and fun-filled experience for many homeowners. On the other hand, setting up security measures might prove to be an extremely intriguing task as it offers so many apprehensions and challenges concerning which is right and which one is wrong. Everybody might have so much information concerning high-quality door handles or even door handle lock price in India but when it comes to taking the required measures, most people often remain clueless and unguided. 
Keeping in view the same, this blog discusses some of the most effective and efficient ways through which you can make your home and other spaces safe and secure and enjoy additional peace of mind at all times.

Here we go:

1. Go for a foolproof security system

Your new home needs to have an effective and efficient arrangement of security as burglars can strike at any time to take away your valuables and other premium assets by making a forced entry. There are solutions available whether you are interested in a simple DIY mechanism-based security system or an advanced version of a home security system equipped with the ability to monitor your home professionally in a fully automatic mode. You don’t have to worry about the prices as there are a large number of home security solutions that fit every budget and also the level of protection or safety required. 
To choose a suitable system, you need to evaluate the needs of your home, your neighborhood, the area you live in, and the overall environment around your house. When you make an honest evaluation, you will come to an ideal conclusion as far as ensuring the safety of your home is concerned. In certain locations, you also might need to get in touch with the local police authorities to make a comprehensive security evaluation of your home. They will tell in detail about what types of security risks are there. 

2. Secure your doors – the primary entryways 

As a homeowner, you need to understand the fact that more than 34% of thieves, burglars and intruders take entry into your house from the front doors. Your doors are the primary entryways for all the unwanted and unsocial elements. Therefore, conduct a comprehensive inspection of your exterior doors making sure that all door frames are strong with completely protected hinges. In case you are shifting to a place that previously was being used by someone else, then you need to change the door locks immediately. By doing so, you can make sure that no stranger enters your home with a key to the door. And also make sure you have installed the door locks manufactured by the best brand in India. Stated below are some quick reinforcements that can help you shore up your front doors.
Go for a deadbolt
If possible, add a strike plate
Choose smart locks over the conventional ones
Enhance your security by installing a video doorbell 
Secure the mail slot.

3. Lock the windows

Theft and burglary experts are of the view that windows are also a soft target for thieves and intruders through which they take entry into homes and other spaces. Various times windows might be left shut but unlocked apart from the fact that manufacturer patches are not also very effective on windows. Most often they are downright flimsy. In case you don’t like the look and feel of your window latches, then you need to beef up the security by installing some high-quality aftermarket window locks or even key-operated levers. But don’t keep yourself limited just to this. Given below are some of the ideas that you can take advantage of while making your windows burglar-proof:
Reinforce high-quality glass with window security film
Go for sensors or glass break sensors, and
Also, add window bars.

4. Have a proper lighting arrangement 

Be it thieves, burglars, vandals or any other types of seasonal unsocial elements, they never like to be in the spotlight. Therefore, keeping in view the same, you need to arrange sufficient lighting arrangement to keep them at bay. Install the lights in the following areas:
Around your front and back yards
Along pathways
Near the garage, and
Other outdoor structures.
By doing so, you will not only be making intruders skittish but also cutting down hugely the risk of stumbling while moving up the front steps. Given below are some of the tips that you can use to light up your outdoors with effective and efficient lighting: 
Make some investment in motion-activated lighting fixtures
You can also opt for solar energy to save a lot on energy bills
Choose smart lighting options to put outdoor lights on a timer
Set up schedules for different areas of your house with smart light bulbs. 

5. Eliminate all the hiding places 

People generally have a large number of things to create a curb appeal in their houses. These include trees and shrubs. But, these also provide a handy place for thieves and burglars to hide. Therefore, it is necessary to trim down those trees and shrubs in the external part of your home eliminating the scope for hiding. And, to achieve that curb appeal, you can opt for small-sized flowers and bushes. In case you have trees near your windows, then just remove them or make some additional security arrangements near those windows.  

Concluding Remarks 

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