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Locks & Security Systems

Locks & Security Systems

Security is the top priority for most of the people because no matter where their house or other establishments are located at… it is always convenient for thieves and burglars to target them. Hence, it is necessary for everyone to ensure that their abode/establishments are well-equipped with best security measures.

So, keeping the dire need for quality and durable Lock & Security Systems in mind, we strive to come-up with latest and advanced security solutions! Our locking and security products are strong, durable, computerized and based on suitable confirmation techniques. They will give you a true sense of quality, peace of mind and beauty you expect from the accessories you use.

  • Combo Lock Sets

    Combo Lock Sets

  • Rim Lock

    Rim Lock

    Dorset manufactures most strong and durable rim locks. As a trusted name amongst rim lock manufacturers, Dorset brings ...
  • Mortise Locks

    Mortise Locks

    Dorset is a trusted name amongst mortise lock and tower bolts manufacturers. As a leading brand of mortise lock suppliers ...
  • Euro Profile Cylinder

    Euro Profile Cylinder

    Dorset is a leading name amongst euro profile cylinder lock manufacturers and suppliers in India. The euro profile ...
  • Cylindrical Knob Locks

    Cylindrical Knob Locks

    Dorset manufactures and supplies cylindrical door locks, rim locks and door accessories. The cylindrical locks provides ...
  • Furniture Lock

    Furniture Lock

    As a leading brand amongst furniture lock manufacturers Dorset brings you furniture locks with high security. The ...
  • Pad Locks

    Pad Locks

The safety of your home can only be ensured with secure door access control systems. Dorset provides you maximum security with access control systems that are designed to to be controlled through a network. The manufacturer offers both door security systems and door access system. The door security system has manual locks with master key solution. The products in this range are ultra key locks and master key locks. The digital solutions offer fingerprint locks. These are high security locks that are specifically designed to keep your safe secure. Dorset manufactures strong and durable lock, so that you can sleep with peace at night.