Collaborative Innovation

Through its more than two decades of existence, Dorset has repeatedly set new standards with technologically superior products that are the result of implementation of latest technology and constant innovation. We understand that to stay ahead we need to make innovation a way of life.

Sitting at the heart of its innovative product line is its strong manufacturing capabilities marked by a strong emphasis on R & D on both product and processes. From design, development, validation to prototyping to techniques that optimize productivity, every Dorset product represents an unparallel level of quality and craftsmanship.



One of the prime drivers of our success in such a short period of time has been the way we conduct ourselves within the organization and with whom we do business with. Reliability, honesty, competence and compassion have been our driving values since our inception. We have an impeccable reputation of delivering on our commitments under all circumstances.

Research and Development

Currently, Dorset has a sizable R&D team whose research activities span many countries, and many products. The group's highly knowledgeable and talented R&D department is constantly involved in conducting extensive research to come-up with innovative and futuristic ideas that can help Dorset achieve newer heights of growth and success.