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One of the most classic yet exquisite door accessories is the lever handle which adds a sleeky style to the door. Dorset’s solutions are thus aligned with those needs and are providing the best quality safety door handles in the industry for that purpose. The widest range of door levers and a huge collection of designs have put the name Dorset as one of the most trusted and leading door handle locks manufacturers in India. The collections that took Dorset to its topmost position are the Arbitare Collection, Signature Series, Premium Collection, SS Collection, Gleam, and Swarovski.

In addition, these locks are very intelligently manufactured to ensure that there is no fire-related damage. The fire rating of these door handles is checked multiple times to let the handle work optimally in case of any critical situations. Moreover, there is a solution to the corrosion of these handles too. Dorset has very carefully used the advancing technology and chemical evolution and coats all the handles with PVD. The PVD finish door handles are a type of luxury door handles that have great resistance to corrosion.

Other than their feature, what they can leverage is their sleek and luxurious design which complement that door perfectly. The range of products is very uniquely designed to fit the contemporary needs of the market. Along with the features and benefits, the mesmerizing designs are also a pivotal reason to get these door handle with locks. While keeping all these factors alive, Dorset is creating durable solutions that last a long time. The right functionality rating blended with the most luxurious designs is the need of the market. And, Dorset is working perfectly with those market requirements and creating some of the best designer door locks in the market. Explore the range of highly elegant designs that smoothly complements the door and other accessories.


Which company door handle is best?

When you are seeking door accessories, you want to settle with the leading company in the market. Dorset thus is a pioneering brand that is working tremendously well in the sector with contemporary designs and high-security products. The luxury door handles by the company have all the right features yet keep the exquisiteness intact.

The range of collections by Dorset has taken the brand to become the leader in door accessories. The smart solutions and the conventional ones keep the luxurious feeling alive while the researched design of the product ensures an ergonomic grip. Thus, it is safe to say that Dorset is indeed one company that you might choose for the right door handles.

Door handles can be generally categorized into 3 categories. Firstly, there are levers on the backplate handles which are the conventional ones generally used as a thumb turn design. Second, in the line is the lever on a rose handle which is a door handle with a lock integrated inside the door. The third one is the old simple D-Pull handle which has traditionally been used on glass doors but is becoming common on heavy wooden doors too.

These types of designer door handles are the most common designs in the market. It is divided into their functionalities and usage requirements.

It is not necessary to go with a matching hinge and handle because hinges are almost unnoticeable to people. However, it indeed plays an important role in the door and other accessories of it. Thus, you can choose any hinge for the door that offers the right weight-to-movement ratio without checking for the door handle

However, if you can find the right set of products that perfectly syncs with the design and style, then you should definitely choose it. It gives the right design elements to the complete door even at the micro level. Thus, it is not a necessity but a matter of choice.