Manufacturing Process


Our technical process and advanced machinery are the key factors of our innovative drive as we continue to pioneer the way we offer solutions, in the way we deliver value, and in the way we maintain our quality assurance.


Our Manufacturing Engineering making use of the latest TQM techniques like JIT, VSM, SPF, SMED and automation methods act as a critical linkage between design & manufacturing departments, helping us deliver outstanding products with short turnaround time.

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The raw materials are sourced only from the best suppliers and they all undergo rigorous testing at the early cycle for impeccable product quality. The Company uses a 4 Stage Integrated Automation baking system to ensure highest reliability standards and long lasting life in product finishing. 
To carry out various operations on the components, we have world class CNC machines, SPMs and other conventional machines capable of unprecedented detail and accuracy.
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Polishing is carried out on the products in an environment friendly, non-hazardous manner in a controlled setup for ensuring maximum efficiency. For Impurity cleaning we have highly sophisticated hydrocarbon technology which is highly environmental friendly.

This high capacity, zero discharge plant is capable of taking random loading and boasts of better process application & production control. Improved solution maintenance and quality control and usage of larger and deeper tanks with larger and heavier rack sizes offer better control, lesser danger of solution contamination, efficient fume extraction, better ventilation and high quality ETP processes among others.

The Electrophoretic coating is carried out in our modern EPL plant to give that unmatchable durability and resistivity to our products.

Dorset has one of the most advanced automatic plating plant employing SCADA system to control industrial processes and monitor, gather, and process real-time data for better decision making, efficiency and uptime.