To be an enterprising, innovative and profitable global supplier of total access products for homes and workspaces, and to be an employer who understands the importance of creating value for all stakeholders.


"Dorset Inside" We shall strive to create innovative, value-based and trustworthy products for all establishments to ensure a safe and secure living and working environment.

Core Values:

We endeavor to inculcate the following core values into our work culture:


Brand Philosophy:

Our brand philosophy stems from our shared understanding of certain vital values and goals, and imbues every aspect of our day-to-day activities:

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    Innovation is the hallmark and one of the major drivers of our existence. A considerable amount of our strategic decision-making goes into finding new ways to create better products, find better technologies, foster a more worthwhile work environment, and identify more efficient ways of functioning. We are also committed to change management as a way of life to enable us to meet the emerging challenges of the Industry.

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    Our primary goal is to evolve into a global manufacturer and supplier of architectural hardware and high-security locking systems. To achieve this we have to raise our profitability to such a level where we can sustain and enhance our efforts towards emerging as a leader in the industry.

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    Total access:

    We will continue to play a major role in the total access domain and emerge as a systems supplier. We will strengthen the base of our core sector and thereby lay the foundation to expand our repertoire to include allied products and systems, which will enhance our existing offering and resonate positively with our core competencies.


Our people are our biggest assets and we take their well-being very seriously. It is our constant endeavor to try and ensure that we are able to provide them with a safe, stimulating and rewarding work environment, whichever part of the country they may be in. It is also our aim to ensure that our people identify with and believe in the company’s brand value and are proud to proclaim it to the world.

Create Value for all Stakeholders:

Value creation is at the core of our business and we are constantly motivated to share our values with our precious stakeholders, which include our esteemed clients, our valuable employees and their families, our group of vendors, who are the backbone of our industry, our investors and the society within which we operate. Our corporate strategies are geared towards building our stakeholders’ trust in our ventures and confidence in our processes and business decisions to benefit them, both financially and otherwise.