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Digital Door Lock

Digital transformation has brought some of the most secure and advanced security systems for homes today. Dorset’s research and development team has thus, brought out a few of the highest-quality digital door locks to the forefront. These solutions are well aligned with the needs of security today while providing users with ease of access. Keeping convenience at the centre of this innovative locking system, the digital lock for door has great operability for the users.

Furthermore, these door locks are highly refined with innovative solutions integrated together under one product. The fingerprint unlocks and pin setting provides multi-layered protection to the users offering a very precise solution. It eradicates the need of keeping the keys handy. The fingerprint solution allows easy control and high security for the user.

In addition, digital door locks India has multiple smart features that make them uniquely important for the user. Password protection has anti-theft functionalities which are further supported by an intrusion detection system. A quick fix to battery drainage and an audit trail are two features that are uniquely added to these products for a better solution. To top it all off, there is an emergency exit control too which makes it a complete package in every condition.

Digital lock products key control is a passive feature that works as a fail-safe. The mechanical key operability of these products keeps them safe and secure without compromising the smart unlocking feature. Dorset’s line of products ensures design and security throughout the range. 


Which smart lock is best for the main door?

The smart lock solutions by Dorset features some of the most unique set of products. This range of solutions features multiple products which feature different sets of solutions. However, among the range of digital door locks, the BLE Digital Lock is one of the best. The product takes operability and connectivity to a whole different level. In addition, it combines fingerprint unlock with pin unlock which delivers state-of-the-art security. All of these packs safety while keeping the modern design in check. The sleek and stylish handle works smoothly with the overall design to bring a luxurious look to the forefront. Lastly, it has access to digitally powerful AI like google assistant and Alexa too.

The smart locks are intelligently created to withstand low battery for multiple days. However, it will put up a warning about the low battery throughout those days. One can charge it up in the meantime but under extreme circumstances, the battery might completely go off. When such a scenario arises, the digital lock products key, or simply the mechanical will be operable. It will easily open up the door providing access. The battery won’t be an issue for smart locks as they always have a fail-safe process and in this case, it is the mechanical key. However, it varies from product to product.

Smart locks don’t have to be strictly Wi-Fi-enabled to operate. There are some designs and models that don’t leverage the power of the internet but work flawlessly to provide security. The secret to it is a tech that has been around for a long time - Bluetooth. The phone's Bluetooth connects with the smart lock to provide connectivity and operate smoothly. That’s how the digital door locks without wi-fi work in a normal setting. Then there is the last resort of using the mechanical key in case of fail-safe. However, it is for the most crucial moments only because non-wi-fi smart locks have easy connectivity with Bluetooth