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Being in one of the leading positions in home safety and security, Dorset has been manufacturing some world-class products and solutions. The best-in-class door lock suppliers in India are laser-focused on creating the most uniquely designed main door locks and sets. The comprehensive suite of door lock solutions by the brand covers a huge variety of rim, mortise, and cylindrical knob locks. These sleek and precisely designed locks are easy to install and provide great protection to the home.

In addition, to the variety of door lock solutions, Dorset also focuses on its Application, Security, and convenience. The professional team of the company is always evolving with the needs of the modern day to bring ease of use to the picture as well. It is carried out through the designing, finishing, and choice of materials. Dorset ensures that consistency throughout the range of products by keeping a careful surveillance in the production line and quality-testing the batches.

The highly-rated products come in dual finishes, tapered edges, and an ergonomic grip. These are further supported by the features of the locks such as high fire-rating corrosion resistance, and much more. All of these are kept in mind to ensure that your home stays safe and secure in your presence and absence. The door lock set by Dorset will further ensure that there is smooth uniformity among each of the products and solutions.

What makes Dorset stand above its market competition is the highly proficient and experienced research and development team that is constantly adding an innovative touch to every type of door lock for home. The research brings newer and more elegant designs for the company and for the customer base. These futuristic ideas are helping the brand rise to newer heights with the most exquisite designs in the market right now.

Additionally, Dorset is also keeping a keen eye on the sustainability aspect of the business. Thinking about both present-day needs and keeping future requirements at the back of the mind is helping the company to meet its crucial goals perfectly. All of these factors are further helping the brand to create its name as one of the best door lock manufacturers and door lock suppliers for homes. 


Which is the best lock for the door?

There is a massive range of locks that works according to the needs of the door type. In other words, it totally depends on the door-closing action, the design of the door, the positioning and the needs. You cannot use a simple piston mortise lock for a sliding lock else it will be useless. Thus, understanding the needs is the first part of it all.

However, in general, a door set handle lock is exactly what you need for your home security. According to the door-closing design, you can get the complete set of locks that seamlessly work with the door and allow complete safety and security to the home as well.

Combo lock sets are the ones that can be truly considered one of the most secure types of lock for any type of door. The ergonomic handle design combined with the quick key locking system helps you to keep the door action safe and secure for the guests.

Furthermore, this main door lock has been highly fire-rated and corrosion-resistant which keeps it in a good shape for a long time. Dorset’s door lock solution also keeps design and safety in check for everyone allowing you to be carefree about your home safety and security for years to come and years to go.

Three of the most basic and common types of locks in the market are knob locks, mortise locks, and rim locks. These have been in everyday use for a long time now and look elegant and sleek at the same time. These are a type of main door lock which provides high security and safety to the home without compromising the looks.

Dorset further ensures the fire-rating and corrosion resistance of these locks to keep this door lock solution in its optimum shape for a long time. In addition, the design and shape have been worked thoroughly to resemble the traditional designs of knobs, mortise, and rims.

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