Sustainability is one of the core values practiced by Dorset and our commitment to it is absolute. Respect for nature and natural resources, responsible use of scarce resources, giving back to the community, and making the world a better place for future generations are important goals aimed at and practiced by Dorset.

We understand the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen. Hence our approach towards sustainable development is at par with the best practices followed in the industry, worldwide. Our environment management team is continuously involved in trying to find new ways to ensure improvement in our environmental performance. We also make sure that we are in compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations. We regularly conduct environmental awareness programme for all our employees. All our manufacturing facilities are geared towards reducing air, water and soil pollution, waste generation and natural resources consumption.


The in house training program builds the expertise of staff in their respective jobs. We try to improve skills and practices through regular class room interactions with experts and managers to make the workforce more efficient . We also believe in an atmosphere which can create a value proposition for our most important assets- our employees. The school is equipped and maintained for regular interventions in the employees career with us for enhancing technical and soft skills

Joining Hands with "TEACHFORINDIA"

As part of enhancing our CSR initiatives we have partnered with "Teach for India", an NGO and give a strong support to educate the children and ensure quality education to all.



Dorset’s manufacturing unit in Binola was awarded the Bronze Certification from the National Green Buildings Standard. We are also working towards making our manufacturing facility into Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB)


Dorset environment management system has been developed keeping in mind the prevalent best practices which includes installation of effluent treatment plant, and compliance to local, national and international regulations.