5 most common questions asked about Door Handles

5 most common questions asked about Door Handles

The convenience of door handles was realized with the advent of modern architecture. Going across the sundry, ancient civilizations, one can find the absence of door handles in different setups. Doors were pushed inwards to open and pulled outwards with a semi-arched ring to shut. As humans could not escape evolution, the concept of the handles of the door has gone through tremendous change, as well. Today, one can find the widest assortment of handles for doors that are designed by celebrated brands.

The fusion of door handles with contemporary door systems has led to many benefits, which include the

  • Increased functionality of door security
  • Feasibility of operating the doors
  • Enhancement of the visual appearance of the doors
  • Augmentation of the elegance of architecture in residential and commercial spaces
  • Blends well the facet of privacy with modern housing and office places.

Going beyond the basics, people are often intrigued by the diverse factors associated with door systems.

5 most common questions, one by one, that are asked by folks about door handles

Question 1: Are door handles used for locking purposes?

The question is frequent among the users due as they have seen the lock that is fixed on knob handles. The locks like the knob and lever on the plate can be procured with or without locks. To get locks with the doors is a separate feature that one has to purchase.

Majorly, the door handles are used for increasing the functionality of a door system. Previously, there used to be no handles on the door. The feature was invented in the 1800s, however, the popularity of handles for doors is evident more in contemporary times. When you operate a door, opening, and shutting, you find it easy with the use of a handle.

Question 2: Can you reverse the handle of a door?

The handle on a door is supposed to go reverse for the purpose of staying at the starting point. Therefore, when you rotate the handle 180 degrees leftward, it would open up. Once you open up, the door handle, it will go back to the same position for coming to a fixed point.

Even if you twist the door handle and leave it, it would reverse 180 degrees for reaching the starting point. This feature ensures that the handles remain intact. However, the door knobs with a locking mechanism can keep you locked out in case you press the fastening button and shut the door.

Question 3: What are the different types of door handles?

The handles for a door vary on their functionality along with the kind of structure they are being used with. For example, the handles for a cabinet door may vary from the handles used at the main door. The various handles for a door are-

  • Lever on the plate – The handle is supported by a backplate.
  • Lever on rose – The handle is fixed on a round or square rose (circular support at back).
  • Door knobs – The locks with twist and return design.
  • D pull handles – As the name suggests, the handles are letter D shaped.
  • Cup handles – They are meant for drawers in cabinets/cupboards.

Question 4: Is H type door handle different from other handles?

H type door handle is a different kind because it is suitable for glass doors. It is their shape that endows them with this name. The two symmetrical handles are placed on a glass door. It is the configuration of these handles on both sides of a door that makes them complete the letter H. Thus, the product has received this name.

The purpose and functionality of the doors remain similar after the installation of H type glass door handle. The grip of the handles is pull-type. The handles are robust in their construction. Therefore, they easily carry the weight of large glass doors in commercial spaces.

Question 5: How to choose the best handles for a door?

There are various factors that you have to consider to decide upon the type of handle that you are going to use on your doors. These include style, functionality, visual appearance, ease of maintenance, and budget.

The key factor is functionality for deciding about the handles to use in a door. The appearance does matter, but that is afterward. Therefore, decide by considering where the handles have to be used. For example, the handles would be different for the bedroom, bathroom, and main entry of an area. In the bathroom and bedroom, you have to look after privacy. 

In addition, you have to ensure the right material for the handle for making sure of longevity. For example, the handle used in bathrooms should tolerate water spillage without getting spoiled. 

Bonus Question: Do you need to replace the handles of your door?

Yes. When it is time, you should replace the handles of your door. The average time of the survival of the handle of a door varies from place to place. For example, the door handles used in a commercial space would be operated more than several times in comparison to the handles used in residential spaces.

However, an average timespan for the handle of the door could range up to 15 years. But the material, also, plays a huge role in the same. However, once worn out the handles of a door do require replacement. The signs of wearing out of the handle of a door include-

  • the handles get stuck
  • they create noise even after consistent oiling
  • the handles become stiff to operate.

Final Thoughts

Door handles play a crucial role in the security of residential and commercial spaces. They enhance the functionality of the doors besides offering a better appearance, superior privacy, and a robust mechanism of operation.

No matter how small they are in dimension, their importance in the doors is obvious and unsurpassable. Therefore, it becomes critical to contact the best manufacturer and supplier in the industry for the procurement of the handles for the doors. Since quality is an essential parameter to look upon, it becomes massively important for finding the best deal in the market.

These small facets do not get as much attention as other aspects of commercial or residential places. Therefore, it is important to buy handles that have an outstanding quality that could sustain for a longer time span.