7 Ways Smart Door Locks Simplify Your Home Security

7 Ways Smart Door Locks Simplify Your Home Security
The rapid advancements in technology have impacted almost all walks of life, and homes are no longer an exception. Modern home technology has not only made life easier and more convenient but also provided security like never before. A large number of us cannot imagine life without the latest technology-driven devices and machines such as smart appliances, voice-enabled speakers, and home security systems including smart door locks. For so many good and logical reasons, smart security solutions top the list of the devices that all of us use today.  
The best smart door locks in India provide you with an unmatched ease of locking and unlocking your doors while you are away or even on the go through your smartphone. They provide you with effortless and keyless entry while taking your security to the next level. This blog has broken down some of the top benefits of smart door locks in the following points:

1. Lock and unlock your door by making use of your smartphone

In case you have lost your keys, then you definitely might have an idea of experiencing the inconvenience and the cost of ordering the replacement of your keys. But, when you install a smart door lock, you don’t have to worry much about losing or forgetting your keys. To operate a smart door lock, you don’t have to be physically present at any site.  

2. Using smart locks you can assign individual passcodes

Smart locks provide you with an additional layer of security as you can assign individual passcodes to a large number of family members and any other person whom you want to see in. A password door lock system simply means you don’t have to leave the spare keys to anybody including your kids, guests, and other people working as domestic help. Leaving spare keys under your doormat or any other place puts the security of your home always at high risk. What’s more, you can change or modify the passcodes granted when no longer in use. 

3. You are well aware of who’s coming in and going out

With a smart door lock in place, you are well aware of who is coming in and who is going out at any point of time round the clock – all by way of your smartphone. This amazing feature associated with smart door locks lets you monitor whether any guest has arrived or your children have reached home safely after school, apart from the activities of your domestic helpers. You can stay worry-free at all times and focus on your work, business, or any other everyday errand, away from your home. 

4. No more hideaway keys

There is no dearth of people who still adopt the hideaway keys’ formula to ease their life but you need it to give a serious thought if you are also in the same habit. Today’s thieves and burglars are very smart and they know very well where you can hide your physical keys. Therefore, consider no hideaway safe including a rain gutter or spout, doormat, mailbox, and all other places you can imagine and think of. A keyless or smart lock is a far superior alternative to hideaway keys. By installing this techno-driven lock, you can enjoy complete peace of mind concerning the opening and closing of your front door. 

5. Enjoy simplified home security round the clock 

Home security has always been a critical issue for all individuals, be it a common man, a business owner, or a professional. Thinking about security particularly when you are away from your home simply baffles your mind while taking away all the inner contentment and peace. With the advent of smart door-locking solutions, managing your home security has become easier than ever before. These innovative solutions have not only simplified home security but also capacitated homeowners to monitor who is coming and who is going. You can have exact and accurate timing details of the visitors’ incoming and outgoing. You can do it all by moving your fingers on the screen of your smartphone. And, when your home security is simplified and you have complete peace of mind, you can have more efficiency at work.

6. Ensure convenience for the elderly or disabled

The elderly people in your family might find conventional locks difficult to operate, and at this juncture, a smart door lock system can have a very soothing and comforting impact on them. Some other people who can take advantage of these techno-driven solutions include the following:
People having Parkinson’s disease
People with cerebral palsy, and
People who put on wrist braces to address the challenges associated with the carpal tunnel syndrome.
These locks produced by the top manufacturers of the best smart door locks in India can help disabled people access doors easily while ensuring they never lock themselves out during any emergency.   

7. Smart locks Suits every door.. 

One of the most salient attributes associated with these smart door locks is that they can suit any door perfectly. Some people are still under the impression that smart locks are built only for designer homes or offices. In effect, you can use them to ensure the security of your gun room or even the wine cabinet. They will work perfectly over these places. There are areas in our homes wherein we don’t want our children to enter anyway. So, with a smart door lock system, you can safeguard any place in the house that you want. 

Concluding Remarks 

Smart door lock system has become the order of the day for a large number of reasons. In an age where time is valued as the most pricy thing, these door locks save it a lot while ensuring your peace of mind round the clock, regardless of whether you are at home or even away. Established in the year 1995, Dorset came into existence with a vision to provide home and office owners with high-quality security hardware solutions. The company launched its first lock in 1996 and since then, it has never looked back. For more details on the product profile of the company, one can explore its website.