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           At Dorset, it is our endeavor to offer the best quality Architectural Hardware, High Level Security Solutions to our customers in India and abroad. And hence, we strive to attain highest level of our customer-satisfaction with our superior products & services for our customers. …To attain this, we make it a point to ensure that that our valued customers are not only offered optimum quality products, but are also given value-for-their-money… by providing them with prompt installation services.

           Dorset currently has numerous local dealers and service outlets throughout the country and to make sure that all customers get the best quality product & services, we often conduct state-of-the-art authorized workshops to train our people and update their knowledge pertaining to our domain. Besides, our fully equipped infrastructure- having the best of trained & experienced technicians, tools and equipments also help us in maintaining highest standards of service quality and reliability among our customers.

WARRANTY POLICY                                                                
Claiming Warranty
             To avail the Dorset Product warranty/guarantee one has to produce the product at the Point of purchase. The products carry the the warranty as mentioned in Annexure ‘A’ from the proven date of purchase(invoice, bill or cash memo - no modifications, corrections or overwriting will be accepted). 
            During this period, if the products is proved to be defective in material or workmanship, the same would be repaired, replaced or substituted by another product with similar application. The decision of repairing, replacing or substituting will be at the discretion of the company.
1. The installation of the product must be done with a trained technician damage to hardware due to poor installation is not covered under warranty claim. 
2. Any damage to the product due to weathering of the doors or door frames or snagging of the hinges,  etc. is not  covered under this warranty.
3. This warranty does not include the damage to the product due to inappropriate usage, manhandling, negligence, improper repair and tempering.
4.Usage of the product with unapproved accessories, modifications and alterations to components is not  covered under this warranty.
5. Seepage and entry of chemicals, oil, lubricants etc is not  covered under this warranty.
6. Any damage to the ‘Shades and Surface Finish’ due to usage of aggressive cleaners is not covered under this warranty.
7. Consumables, if any, or damage due to the consumables is not  covered under this warranty.
8. Third party peripherals are out of gambit of this warranty.
             DORSET accepts the maximum liability as the cost of the product. Any consequential or incidental loss or damage is expressly excluded.
             DORSET also reserves the right of changing any or all terms and conditions under this warranty without prior notice and also on admissibility of claim under this warranty.
             Courts of DELHI have exclusive jurisdiction over matters flowing / included in this warranty.


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