'We treasure our employees at Dorset' and we consider them as our real assets, besides believing that they are the true pillars of support to the company... With this positive attitude, we have been immensely successful in having the most dedicated and committed team knowledgeable professionals in the various departments of Dorset. The group today basks in the glory of its truly enviable squad, consisting of 1, 248 employees deployed at 4 Manufacturing units spanned across the Country with 5 regional offices.

The ‘Team Dorset’ is headed by Mr. Rajesh Bansal; Fonder & MD of the Group, who established Dorset in the year 1995 with a vision of making it famous for Architectural Hardware, High Level Security Solutions and Luxury Faucets in India and abroad. Mr. Bansal , a (Honors) from SRCC, University of Delhi and an MBA from FMS, University of Delhi. He is also trained in Brescia & desio(Milan) in Italy, in lock security systems. Besides, our Team consists of highly qualified & experienced engineers, designers, developers, locksmiths and many more. Our Team Members are masters in the art of acquiring knowledge regarding latest technology, design concept, pattern etc. They are the ones who introduce the organization all latest developments, in our domain.

Under the guidance of our extremely knowledgeable, experienced and dynamic CEO: Mr. Rajesh Bansal, we have constantly progressed on the path of success, achievement and advancement. And the credit for this also goes to the virtue of Dorset’s Vision Mission and Values.

Mr. Rajesh Bansal, 54,took a while to shape up into an entrepreneur and begin his foray into the architectural hardware, lock and security system business, after his graduation. After completing his (Hons) from SRCC, Delhi university in 1976 and MBA from FMS, Delhi university in 1977, he got into his family’s dry fruit trading business from there he had set his vision to get into building material’s business and today has taken it to new heights.

It takes a true visionary to stretch the horizons of the one of India's largest Architectural Hardware Company. It takes immense courage and self belief to paint a larger than life canvas of success. But for Mr. Saurabh Bansal that's a way of life. Executive Director Dorset India Pvt Ltd (Dorset Group), Mr. Saurabh Bansal is a dynamic leader whose actions speak louder than words. His strong work ethics and hands-on approach has been instrumental in steering the Dorset Group to new frontiers of success.

Mr. Takshay Bansal is the youngest and the passionate member of the Management. He is involved in the expansion initiatives of Dorset Group through efforts that combine New Business Ideas and Understanding the changing Market Dynamics. Takshay Bansal is changing the wings for the organization by taking the manufacturing and Engineering expertize of the group to a whole newer level of perfectionism and cost competitiveness. He is also increasing the product portfolio of the group helping the organization to achieve it's mission and is an active key instrument in designing and implementing the I.T Strategy of the group.

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